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1905-2005 A Time to Celebrate

In 2005 Norway celebrates 100 years as an independent nation, a centennial that coincides with "The century of the child". The headline “children and youth in emerging and transforming societies” is also relevant to the centennial agenda, that we are aiming to share with colleagues from the rest of the world. Children and youth played an important role in the development of the Norwegian national independence in 1905. Contributions of the younger generation were probably most of all peaceful means for social change, before, during and after 1905. Children and young people have also played significant roles in the further nation-building, peace-keeping and democratization processes of the Norwegian nation-state. A central idea of the conference is to transform these observations or experiences into a global focus.

Norway is also a natural venue for this arrangement b ecause of its position in international child and youth research. The Norwegian engagement in child research is, among other things, expressed through two acknowledged international journals; “Childhood” and “YOUNG”. T he global, interdisciplinary journal “Childhood” brings together researchers from around the world in the very latest discussions of children and childhood from within a global context. “Childhood” has its roots in The Norwegian Centre for Child Research (NOSEB) . ”YOUNG” is an interdisciplinary journal of youth research, and forms one of the branches of the nearly 20 years of Nordic youth research cooperation. “YOUNG ” addresses a broad scope of questions in the life situation of youth in the age of globalization. In addition to this the Childwatch International has its secretariat based at the University of Oslo . Childwatch International is a nonprofit, nongovernmental network of institutions engaged in research for children. The Network seeks to strengthen child-centered research, aiming to contribute towards real improvement in children's well-being around the world .