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Changing perspectives in Child and Childhood Research

Coordinators: Randi Dyblie Nilsen, dr.polit, The Norwegian Centre for Child Research (NOSEB), Gunilla Halldèn, professor, Tema Barn, University of Linköping, Sweeden

This thematic group focuses on changing perspectives in child and childhood research and welcomes contributions that illuminate and discuss 'new' and changing approaches across various thematic issues.

This implies contributions that are studying children’s everyday life, changing childhoods, and that emphasise the necessity of contextualisation and theoretical reflexivity.

Through a social constructionist perspective, children are understood as social actors that are inscribed in discourses of childhoods, which travel across local and global spaces. We highlight the importance of contextualised studies of children's everyday life in private, semi-public and public places (e.g. day-care centres, schools, neighbourhoods, family home).

For instance, children’s everyday lives can be understood as processes of meaning making where children create local peer cultures as well as participating in cross-generational and wider processes of cultural (re)production. Furthermore, children’s daily lives are part of ongoing historical process. This exemplifies itself in a range of ways, such as institutionalisation, individualisation and familialisation.

We encourage explorative analysis of such issues as well as discussions on how changing childhoods are conceptualised in contemporary theoretical perspectives in child and childhood research.

We invite researchers to propose abstracts of individual papers as well as suggestions of a symposium (consisting of for example 4 papers and discussants) on a defined thematic issue. However, as is the case with abstracts for individual papers, symposium suggestions will be evaluated according to the above stated intentions of the thematic group of ‘Changing perspectives in child and childhood research’.

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