Childhoods 2005 Oslo

Interview with Lynne Chisholm

Lynne Chisholm is Professor and Chair for Education and Generation, Leopold-Franzens-University of Innsbruck, Austria, and Director at Institute of Educational Sciences. She is being interviewed by Ola Stafseng Professor at Institute of Educational Research, University of Oslo.

They discuss youths and generation:

Today’s children and young people might come to be labelled as Europe’s first full-blooded ‘knowledge generation’ insofar as they carry the insignia and the consequences of contemporary cultural and economic change in their yet-to-be-fully-realised life-courses and lifestyles. This opens a wide vista for reflection, but the focus here lies on the implications of changing modalities of the generation of knowledge, its transmission and its use, most particularly in learning settings. Such changes may also hold the potential to amend power relations as expressed through pedagogic discourse and its age-linked division of role and status. These issues are explored from three vantage-points and with respect to their possible effects on coming young generations’ learning lives:

(1) new modalities of knowledge production,

(2) de-standardisation of formal education and training systems and

(3) internationalisation of communication and culture.

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