Childhoods 2005 Oslo

Interview with Suniya S. Luthar

Suniya S. Luthar is Professor of Psychology and Education at Teachers College, Colombia University, New York. She is being interviewed by Elisabeth Backe-Hansen, Senior researcher and research manager at NOVA, Norwegian Social Research.

They discuss resilience: applications and innovations.

Professor Luthar focuses on three sets of issues:

  • definitions of the construct of resilience, and delineation of the major features of research on this construct.
  • applications of research on resilience toward developing interventions. Here, discussions will focus on the value of using the resilience framework to guide our thinking about interventions; major principles in intervention design; and future directions in this area.
  • directions for research on resilience that derive from applied considerations. The broad question addressed here is this: if scientists wish to maximize the yield of their research to ultimately benefit the children they study, what factors warrant serious thought?

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