Childhoods 2005 Oslo

Interview with Robert Chaskin

Robert Chaskin is Associate Professor/Research Fellow at Chapin Hall Center for Children, University of Chicago, USA. He is being interviewed by Robbie Gilligan, Professor at Children's Research Centre, Trinity College, Irland.

They discuss child research and child policies:

The challenges of effectively disseminating and promoting the use of research knowledge in a range of fields (from health to education to business to social welfare) have received significant attention over the past few decades, and interest in solving these problems in ways that can inform social policy and practice has both grown and evolved in recent years. Case studies illustrate this question in concrete ways, focusing on specific social problems concerning the well-being of children across a range of national and local contexts. Chaskin exemplify through key themes and lessons that the case studies suggest, and considers the relations among them and the contributions they make to improving theory and practice. In particular, Chaskin is interested in the ways in which the cases shed light on how knowledge is mediated through relationships, the role of multiple interactions and strategic alliances, the influence on both micro and macro contexts in conditioning knowledge development and use, and the range of roles and tools that researchers and users may play independently and relation to one another in supporting effective knowledge development and use.

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