Childhoods 2005 Oslo

Interview with Roger Hart

Roger Hart is Professor at Children’s Environments Research Group, City University of New York, USA. He is being interviewed by Per Egil Mjaavatn who is Senior researcher at Institute of Education, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

They discuss citizenship building with children and youth:

In many countries both NGO’s and government agencies are developing a wide range of programs to increase the degree of children’s agency, social cooperation and decision-making, as part of a new conception of the rights of children as citizens. But the arrangements of the daily settings where children spend most of their time commonly remain the same. The spatial arrangement of the physical environment reflects and reproduces traditional patterns of social relations between children and their peers and between children and adults. This presentation presents theory on this theme in relation to school and early child care design in a sample of nations from both the North and the South. It concludes with a discussion of the potentials of the collective transformation of space for the building of democratic communities.

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