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Children, Youth and Art

Coordinators: Tone Kristine Kolbjørnsen, Department of Information Science and Media Studies,
University of Bergen and Arts Council Norway

‘Children and art’ are looked upon from a number of perspectives.

’Art’ is defined so that it includes any aesthetic or cultural product oriented toward children and young people, whether within film, literature, television, music, theatre, dance or the various new, digital media.

Children’s art experiences are related to questions of identity, taste and quality, and explored through empirical studies as well as aesthetic theory. Moreover, aesthetic artefacts are discussed in the light of processes of globalisation and commercialisation.

Also issues concerning the communication or 'mediation' of professional art to children and young people and the general conditions for the broadly conceived field of children and art, as determined not least by cultural policies, are of interest.

The session welcomes both papers and posters form individual participants.

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