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Youths and Generation: Investments in Future Democracies

Consumer Culture and Social Change

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Immigration and ethnical relations
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Consumer Culture and Social Change-
Identities, Practices and Consequences on Every-day-lives

Coordinators: Ragnhild Brusdal , Senior Researcher, National Institute for Consumers Research (SIFO), and Randi Wærdahl , University of Oslo, Conference Coordinator of Childhoods 2005 .

Consumption has received increased attention from a variety of academic disciplines. A diversity of approaches has resulted in a diversity of theories and understanding of consumption and consumer culture. The goal of the study group intends to develop a theoretical framework and a more coherent approach on which we can build a better and more comprehensive understanding of how childhood is effected by the rise of commercial culture in different countries.

Call for papers

Solicited papers and considerations from pre-conference work-shops will be presented at the conference in 2005, but the thematic session will be open for papers and posters from individual participants.