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Exhibtions and Artistic Contribution

Audio sculptures
“C for Courage” and “Three billion reasons”
Trafo – An Internet-Project For Youth
Young Voices!


Wednesday 29 June through Friday 1 July
(In the foyer of Helga Eng's House)
C for Courage” and “Three billion reasons

On behalf of The Norwegian Children’s Museum and
the Norwegian ministry of foreign affairs (MFA) you are
invited to a special opening of “C for Courage”, an
exiting touring exhibition and activity project based on
The UN convention on the Rights of the Child.
The exhibition is shown permanently at the Norwegian
Children’s museum in Stavanger, Norway. The two
other copies started its journey across the world in
the beginning of 2005. The idea is to create a moving
link around the globe with a hold in Stavanger. During
Childhoods 2005 Oslo, “C for Courage” visits Oslo for
four days. Parallel viewings are in Beijing, China and
Berlin, Germany.

“C for Courage” is intended as a tool to put children’s
rights on the agenda, to speak to our hearts and
appeal to senses other than the purely logical and
rational. It is made to make people wonder, think and
hopefully understand and respect children’s basic
rights, working towards the UN millennium goal:
Develop a global partnership for development

“C for Courage” is a part of the international
programme for celebrating Norway’s 100th year’s
anniversary as an independent state in 2005. The
exhibition also works as a tool to express some of the
ideas of Norway’s very ambitious strategy for focusing
on children in foreign policy and development aid. The
Norwegian Government recently approved the strategy.

For the opening of “C for Courage” here at Childhoods
2005 Oslo, Mr. David Hansen, Political Adviser for
The Minister of International Development will present:
"Three billion reasons", Norway’s Development
Strategy for Children and Young People in the South.

Opening of the exhibits:
Wednesday 29 June 16.00 – 16.45
(In the foyer of Helga Eng’s House)


Wednesday 29 June though Sunday 3 July

Idrettsbygningen Blindern
Audio sculptures

Sculptor Nina Borge
Composer Jesper Egelund Pedersen
Audio sculptures are an experience that appeals to all
senses. 6 multi-coloured sculptures activate the eye,
the ear and the skin. When the sculptures are being
touched, music is activated and the sculptures
produce sound.


Wednesday 29 June though Sunday 3 July

On several sites

Artist: Adriana Bertet
Gigantic colourful masks made from children’s
drawings in cooperation with the artist are exhibited
at the conference venue. Around 200 children in the
age 4-10 years have contributed to this decoration.
Every mask is 80x120 cm and is made of epoxy
glass fibre.

Thuirsday 30 June 10.00 - 10.30
In the Tent

A dance Theatre Performance For Children
Between 1 And 3 Years Old
Dancers: Terje Tjøme Mossige and Ulf Nilseng.
Director: Jon Tombre
A surprising and fresh dance theatre made for the
youngest spectators. Physical-crazy comic combined
with poetic pictures. In dialog with the children the
performance is slightly altered each time it is being

Wednesday 29June through Sunday 3 July
On several sites
Trafo – An Internet-Project For Youth

Project management: Kulturbyrået Mesén
A presentation with visual contributions from the web
site On this web site, youth between 16 and
22 years can show their artistic work, get information
on education and career opportunities, apply for
economic support and get personal guidance from
professional artists.


Young Voices!
Here and there in the program sessions are marked
with Young Voices! This means that this particular
session will have a visit form a young person sharing
his or her experience with the adults. See session 22:
Life before 18 for details.