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Frequently Asked Questions

About information and updates:

How do I add my name to the mailing list?

To add your name to the mailing list you go to the button on the sidebar called “call for papers” , and choose “add to mailing list” . A registration window appears, and you have to add your name, institution (company), your postal address and your e-mail address. Press next twice . On page three you press “select” under event group , and the option “please send me the invitation program” appears. This is the only “event” listed at this point so you can't get it wrong. Then press “order” and “continue” until the window says “you are registered”.

By doing this you will receive information and updates from the organizers when there is news and major changes to the web-site. You will also receive notification about important dates, e.g. dates for final registration.

How do I get more detailed information about the conference?

By adding your name to the mailing list you will be notified when the program is out on the web, when registration is due, or any other important information is posted on the web.

About registration, accommodation and cost:

How do I register for the conference?

You can register for the conference online. If you pre-register by adding to the mailing list (see above) you will be notified when registration is open. The possibility to register will be opened sometime in the beginning of 2005, in good time before the conference, but still not until people have received notification about their abstracts and presentations from the scientific committee.

What are the accommodation alternatives in Oslo ?

You can book accommodation through our online registration. We have booked alternatives in all prize and comfort ranges. These will be listed when registration opens.

Can the secretariat issue invitation letters for Visa purposes?

Of course. When abstracts and presentation is evaluated and accepted, an invitation letter will be issued to those who need it upon registration.

Am I eligible for financial support and assistance?

The conference secretariat is working hard to raise funds to support participants from countries where resources are limited. When we receive notice of these funds, information about the size and manner of the financial support will be posted on the web-site. A list of countries eligible for support will also be listed. Please add to the mailing list to be notified (see above).

Can I submit an abstract before I know if I have funds for travelling?

To receive financial support you have to have an accepted abstract for presentation, so please do not hesitate to submit you abstract. Abstract registration does not mean automatic registration to the conference as such.

About abstract submission and presentations:

How do I submit an abstract?

Under the side bar, you find an option called “Call for papers”. At the bottom of this page you find a link to “online abstract submission”. Follow the instructions of this link, and your abstract will be registered and you will receive a receipt notification. We advice you to use the “cut and paste” function from a text document to ease the submission process. Remember to fill in all the required fields marked with an asterix (*).

If you should fail to succeed with the online registration, send your abstract by mail to . Remember to include information about your title, name, address, country, fax and e-mail address in the accompanying mail for full registration of your abstract. Please do also mark what group or session you are submitting to, and preferred form of presentation (oral or poster).

How will the abstracts be reviewed, and what are the publication outcomes of the conference?

Abstracts will be reviewed by each sub-committee of the conference, and open submissions will be handled by the steering committee and placed in a session or category which is found suitable. This is not a blind review, as an abstract is very little to go by, and the committee should have the possibility to check a persons credentials if in doubt about the content of the abstract.

Accepted abstracts will be published in a book of abstracts. Full text papers will be made available at the conference secretariat during the conference and some time after.

One could also take note of that each of the networks will work towards a series of publications after the conference, where a selection of the presented works will be prepared and adapted to the format of book articles or journal articles.

About the program:

The full program of the conference is under development and a preliminary program will be posted later on this fall. If you add to the mailing list (see above) you will be notified when the preliminary program is posted on the web and each time there are major updates.

If your question is not answered here, address your question and concerns to