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Financial support

The opportunity to apply for financial support for participants is now closed. We have received over 300 applications for such support. Sadly, we are not able to grant support to everyone, even if they meet the criteria listed. Based on the funds we have received for this purpose, will be able to give financial support to approximately 100 participants.

We are now in the process of sorting the applications for presentation to the committee, who will make the final selection when they convene March 15. Letters will be sent out through e-mail to all applicants regarding the committee's decision in the following days. 

Those who will be granted support will receive a separate registration form, which must be filled in and faxed to Childhoods 2005 Secretariat before April 8. This registration form is a confirmation from the participant that they accept the terms of the support. The Secretariat will make sure that recipients of support are registered to the conference.

Terms of support

The grant money will cover the conference fee and a 6000 Norwegian Kroner (NOK) grant in cash which must be collected in Oslo. The letter of confirmation must be brought to the conference and functions as a claim from the money.

The participant is responsible for all expenses connected to travel, accommodation, extra meals etc. beyond the conference fee. Please note that accommodation which is booked through the Conference organizers requires a deposit.

As a reminder, the criteria to be considered for financial support are:

•  You come from a country in categories B or C (see list of country categories).

•  You have an accepted abstract for a presentation in the conference

•  Have filled in the formal on-line application form with full and correct information, accepted the terms of the financial support, and submitted the form on-line.

Reasons for not being considered:

•  The conference application form for financial support is the only form of application which will be considered. Any other form of application sent over e-mail or by air mail to the secretariat will not be considered by the grants committee.

•  Applications with insufficient information will not be considered.

•  If a recipient has not accepted the terms of a grant and sent  the special registration form before April 8, the grant will be withdrawn and given to another participant.

Considerations of the committee

The number of people eligible for financial support is larger than the number of grants available. The committee will thus make their selection of grant recipients based on the information received, as well as securing both regional representation and thematic relevance to the conference theme. The decisions of the committee are final. Applications can not be submitted twice for the same person.