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Parallel Sessions 

Click on the session name for a program for the session. The program is still under edition. A full session program in PDF format will be posted shortly.

  1. Children's perspective on citizenship and nation building 

  2. Religion and Spirituality of Children

  3. Youths and Generation: Investments in Future Democracies (ISA RC34)

  4. The UN convention on the rights of the child; Implementation of the Principles of The Convention

  5. Children and trafficking

  6. Boys in trouble and the trouble with boys

  7. Lifestyle, health and risk behaviour among children and youth

  8. Social indicators of children's well-being

  9. Caring for separated children and youth

  10. Welfare; money, time and space (Cost A19)

  11. Culture, communication and textuality

  12. Children , consumer culture and social change

  13. Media and technology & Adolecents and Moderen Media

  14. Children, youth, poverty and marginalization

  15. Immigration and ethnic relations

  16. Children and art 

  17. Family policy, gender and early childhood care

  18. Consequences of Aids

  19. Children in the Middle East and North Africa

  20. Changing perspectives in child- and childhood research

  21. Bridging the gap between research, policy and practice

  22. Life before 18

  23. CRC in development practice

  24. Health, Illness and Mortality

  25. Child Labour

  26. Girls and young women

  27. Children and Violence

  28. Building Peace out of War

  29. Summary of meetings

Days when the sessions run during the conference

Wednesday 29 June

Thursday 30 June

Friday 01 July

Saturday 02 July

Sunday 03 July

Children's perspectives on Citizenship and Nation-Building

Religion and Spirituality of Children 

Youths and Generation: Investments in Future Democracies

Children's Rights - The Implementation of the Principles  




Children and Trafficking

Boys in Trouble and the Troubles with Boys

Lifestyle, Health and Risk Behavior




Indicators of Children's Standard of Living and Well-being


Caring for Separated Children


Children's Welfare


Culture, Communication and Textuality 



Children, Consumer Culture and Social Change 



Media Technology; Design and Use

Adolescence and Modern Media

Children and Youth Growing up in the Context of Poverty and Marginalization


Immigration and Ethnic Relations



Children and art



Family Policy, Gender and Early Childhood Care


Growing up in an Era of AIDS

Children in  Middle-East and North Africa




Changing perspectives in Child and Childhood Research   


Bridging the gap between research, policy and practice

"Life before 18" - International work-shop for young people's participation


CRC in development practice



Health Illeness and Mortality



Child Labour




Girls and Young Women


Children and Violence 






Building Peace out of War