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Family Policy, Gender and Early Childhood

Coordinators: Agnes Andenæs, Senior Research Fellow, Norwegian Social Research (NOVA), Arnlaug Leira, Professor, Department of Sociology and Human Geography, University of Oslo, and Anne Skevik, Senior Research Fellow, Norwegian Social Research (NOVA).

This thematic group focuses on family change and policy reforms, taking the ongoing redesign of childhood, motherhood and fatherhood as main cases. We want to investigate

  • childcare and gender equality as dual challenges for family policy and family arrangements
  • images/models of family, childhood, motherhood and fatherhood in policy discourse and legislation
  • the public provision of different forms of childcare, such as childcare services, parental leave and cash grants for childcare, and their take-up and use
  • the balancing of work and care in lone parent families as well as in two-parent families

It is of interest to search for knowledge from different contexts around the world. The thematic sessions will be open for papers and posters from individual participants.