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Growing up in the Context
of Poverty and Marginalization

Coordinator1: Irene Rizzini , President of Childwatch International, Director, International Center for Research and Policy on Childhood (CIESPI), Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro , Brazil

The main goal of this group is to establish d ialogue between researchers, policy advocates, and front-line NGO practitioners working to achieve the Human Rights of socially marginalized children and adolescents. They aim to conceptualize the issue of child vulnerability and educational exclusion in a comparative perspective. Through identification of shared methodologies and elements of effective policy, advocacy and implementation, this work will result in a joint outcome document on advocacy.

Key presentations will be solicited. The session is also open for papers and posters form individual participants.

Coordinator 2: Frederick Moses Okatcha , Professor and Director, Department of Educational Psychology, Kenyatta University , Nairobi , Kenya .

This network is in formation. Professor Okatcha is leading an initiative within Childwatch International to build an East African Consortium for Child Research. Together with colleagues from Uganda and Tanzania , Okatcha will contribute to the conference with presentations from East-Africa, predominantly within the realm of “ Growing up in the context of poverty and marginalization”. This group will have a particular focus on issues that are pertinent to the East African experience.

Key presentations will be solicited and ongoing research will be presented. The session is also open for papers and posters form individual participants.