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Publications and Outcomes

Organized by Parallel Sessions:

1. Children's perspective on citizenship and nation building

2. Religion and Spirituality of Children

3. Youths and Generation: Investments in Future Democracies (ISA RC34)

Contemporary Youth Research
Local Expressions and Global Connections
Edited by Helena Helve, University of Kuopio, and University of Helsinki, Finland and Gunilla Holm, Western Michigan University, USA
November 2005 * 240 pages
Hardback * ISBN 0 7546 4161 9 * $99.95 / £50.00
'This timely book provides a very welcome global focus to youth research ... Readers will particularly value the range of perspectives that form this collection.'  - Andy Furlong, University of Glasgow, UK

A major new resource book for academics and students of youth studies, Contemporary Youth Research offers a rare comparative review of a field that is often focused on the local or national situation. Drawing together authors from across the world, this work combines assessments of the theory, methodology and practice of youth research and the impact of globalization on this field of study.
For more information, list of contents, PDF sample pages or to order a copy of Contemporary Youth Research click here

4. The UN convention on the rights of the child; Implementation of the Principles of The Convention

Professor Monica Dowling has published her paper: To understand the meaning of disability for children, parents and providers in Bulgaria, Latvia and Russia, on the Open University E-prints web site: 

5. Children and trafficking

6. Boys in trouble and the trouble with boys

7. Lifestyle, health and risk behaviour among children and youth

8. Social indicators of children's well-being

9. Caring for separated children and youth

10. Welfare; money, time and space (Cost A19)

11. Culture, communication and textuality

12. Children , consumer culture and social change

13. Media and technology & Adolecents and Moderen Media

14. Children, youth, poverty and marginalization

15. Immigration and ethnic relations

16. Children and art

17. Family policy, gender and early childhood care

18. Consequences of Aids

19. Children in the Middle East and North Africa

20. Changing perspectives in child- and childhood research

21. Bridging the gap between research, policy and practice

22. Life before 18

23. CRC in development practice

24. Health, Illness and Mortality

25. Child Labour

26. Girls and young women

27. Children and Violence

28. Building Peace out of War

Save the Children, Norway has published a report from their conference session: Building peace out of war. Children and Young People as Agents of Peace. The Young Generation s Challenge

29. Other

Österreichisches Institut für Jugendforschung has dedicated the August 05 edition of  their newsletter FACTS to the Childhoods 2005 Oslo conference. Contains notes  from several presentations. (German only).