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Caring for Separated Children

Coordinators: Elisabeth Backe-Hansen , Researcher, Norwegian Social Research (NOVA), Robbie Gilligan , Director, Children's Research Centre, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

The main object for the study group is on the challenges of caring for separated children. The separation from a home might be caused by public intervention, war or other disasters. The aim is to develop “best practices” in different aspects in the work of caring for separated children. The group will present results from several work shops and have solicited presentations at the conference in 2005, but the thematic session will also be open for papers and posters from individual participants.

We invite abstracts about the following themes:

  • Different perspectives on residential care

  • Different perspectives on foster care

  • Caring for children that are separated from their families because of  war or disease

  • Children and young people’s experiences of out of home care

  • Out of home care in the 21st century: New needs, new trends, new strategies?

Our ”Caring for separated children” group plans to meet throughout the whole conference, with the objective of identifying best practices in different national contexts. If possible, presentations should therefore discuss best practices for the children and young people they reach.

To submit abstracts, follow procedures on the web page