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Indicators of Children's Standard
of Living and Well-being

Coordinator(s): Ivar Frønes , professor at the D epartment of sociology and human geography, at the University of Oslo and Asher Ben-Arieh , researcher, Hebrew University , Jerusalem . Israel .

A growing interest in measuring the well being of children, and in children's well being indicators has created a demand for data to provide more accurate measures of the conditions children face. This demand comes from policy makers as well as child development professionals, social scientists and the public for a better picture of children's well being. The field of social indicators is thus going through major changes and many scientists are trying to redefine the concept of children's well being and its measurements. This group will contribute to this end, and will invite papers and posters from individual participants.

Call for papers

The group will also cooperate with existing Childwatch International networks ”Indicators of Child Well-being in Latin-America beyond Survival” and ”Indicators of Child Well-being in Central and Eastern Europe”. (Regional coordinators to be announced).