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The Event

The arrangement will take place at The University of Oslo from June 29 to July 3, 2005 , and the conference is intended to hold approximately 1000 participants.

The conference has the traditional outline of a scientific conference including plenary assemblies, sessions and workshops, where individual participants, papers and posters are welcome.

Capacities from the fields of culture and politics as well as from academic research from all over the world will contribute with interesting plenary lectures. Some of these arrangements will be open for a wider audience. All plenary sessions and presentations will be related to the conference theme; “ Children and Youth in Emerging and Transforming Societies ”.

The thematic networks will constitute the main part of the program. Parallel sessions will host both individual keynote speakers, as well as thematic paper presentations and work shops. Most of the thematic sessions and workshops are strongly related to international groups and networks which have been working together from fall 2003 developing analysis on a variety of different themes. These groups and networks consist of researchers from different regions and disciplines, and each group has a coordinator who reports to the conference committee and is involved in developing the conference as a whole. Besides active participation at the event and being co-organizers of conference sessions, the work of the various groups can be directed towards research projects, research publications as well as basic research. In this way the conference will strengthen and increase the international scientific co-operation between researchers within different disciplines.