Childhoods 2005 Oslo
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Thematic Groups

Youths and Generation: Investments in Future Democracies

Culture, Communication and Textuality
Children and art
Immigration and ethical relations
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Thematic groups

Thematic groups and parallell sessions are closely tied to international Study Groups and Networks

Ongoing global networks or study groups will contribute substantially to the conference.Researchers from different regions and disciplines, who are very dedicated to their theme have been involved in these international groups and networks for a long time. The various networks utilize the conference both as an aim for their work and as a meeting place. Besides active participation at the conference the work of the various groups are directed towards research projects, research publications and other relevant outcomes.

Study groups and neworks that has invited people to participate in their session at the conference are:

  1. Children's perspective on citizenship and nation building

  2. Religion and Spirituality of Children,

  3. Youths and Generation: Investments in Future Democracies (ISA RC34)

  4. The UN convention on the rights of the child; Implementation of the Principles of The Convention

  5. Children and trafficking

  6. Boys in trouble and the trouble with boys

  7. Lifestyle, health and risk behaviour among children and youth

  8. Social indicators of children's well-being

  9. Caring for separated children and youth

  10. Welfare; money, time and space (Cost A19)

  11. Culture, communication and textuality

  12. Children , consumer culture and social change

  13. Media and technology

  14. Children, youth, poverty and marginalization

  15. Immigration and ethnic relations

  16. Children and art

  17. Family policy, gender and early childhood care

  18. Children in the Middle East and North Africa


Due to stong interest in certain fields, we are happy to have found good academic reviewers and organizers for separate sessions relating to the following themes:

  1. Changing perspectives in child- and childhood research

  2. Bridging the gap between research, policy and practice

  3. Consequences of Aids

  4. CRC in development practice; anthropology

  5. Health, Illness and Mortality

  6. Child Labour  

  7. Girls and young women

Sessions are open for listeners and discussants.

You can check the online parallel session plan for the conference to see where, when and in what form to make your presentation.