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Children and Trafficking

Coordinators: Anne Hatløy, Guri Tyldum and Marianne Tveit , Fafo Institute for Applied Social Science, Oslo, Norway.

The network group will bring together the academic perspectives and practical experiences of researchers and NGOs from several geographical regions. The group will be working towards a definition of child trafficking that may be constructive in future research, and that will prevent policies toward child trafficking from harming other groups of children. Another objective is to discuss how policy actions affect children in different parts of the world on a grass-root level. The network will also explore different research strategies for studying child trafficking, as well as defining the target group for intervention.

“Childhoods 2005” will have four sessions over two days on the theme of, “Children and Trafficking”. All sessions are open for papers.

Session 1: Child trafficking in a broad perspective

In this session, an introduction and overview of the phenomenon of child trafficking will be presented. The different arenas and the differences between geographical areas are among the topics that will be discussed. Special focus will be given to the challenges in using the concept of trafficking across the different arenas.

Session 2: The needs and rights of children trafficked for sexual exploitation purposes

This session will discuss the particular challenges related to the process of rehabilitation of children trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation. How can the specific needs and rights of children be attended to in terms of shelter facilities, reintegration programmes, and in the process of prosecuting and acting as witnesses against traffickers?  

Session 3: Child trafficking – exploitation – labour migration

This session will explore child trafficking for labour exploitation, specifically in the context of relocation and labour migration. The focus will be explicitly on trafficking as a form of labour exploitation, as this area is often given less emphasis in the general discourse around child trafficking. 

Session 4: Conceptualising trafficking

In this session we will take one-step back, and try to look at the trafficking discourse with "fresh eyes".  Based on presentations of research projects from the various arenas and communities in which child trafficking occurs, we will shed light on what constitutes the major elements in child trafficking as it happens today, how they are related to the public discourse that is underway in various countries, and the policies that are implemented to combat trafficking.  Furthermore, through comparisons with studies from neighbouring and related fields (i.e. studies on child labour, migration, and works of area specialists), we hope to spur a discussion on the positive and negative consequences, - in terms of policy formulation as well as theory development – of distinguishing child trafficking from other forms of child exploitation.