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Childhoods 2005 Oslo

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As part of the University of Oslo's Centennial Celebration, 1200 child- and youth researchers, practicioners and policy makers from 95 different countries met for 5 days to present research, debate and exchange knowledge about modern childhood and youth. The conference had well over 700 presentations and a full program of social, artistic and not least, child- and youth focused events.

Pleae check the "Post Conference News" tab for interviews taken at the conference and publication and outcomes. To have your publication and/or outcome listed please contact your session organizer.

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A full program and abstract book may be downloaded. (Click on image above)

The initiative was taken by a group of Norwegian researchers from the University of Oslo (UiO), the Norwegian Social Research (NOVA) and the Childwatch International Research Network (CWI).

The title of the conference refers to a world where new ethnic encounters, social change and globalization creates new childhoods and new lives for young people. The purpose of such an event is to see modern childhood and youth in a global perspective and provide an opportunity to present and learn from child research in various countries and regions. The international focus is crucial in a world where local and global issues are intertwined.

Such a conference is of great importance in itself. It also represents a continuation of Norway 's long involvement and engagement in international research on children and youth. For the University of Oslo the conference is also an official contribution to the centennial anniversary of Norwegian independence 1905-2005.

Post Conference News:

During Childhoods 2005 we made video interviews with some of the contributors to the conference.
[Click here] to watch the interviews.

As a part of Childhoods 2005 the Norwegian TV Journalist Eva Bratholm had a conversation with two young authors in the Norwegian television programme "Kunnskapskanalen". The participating writers are the Egyptian Miral al-Tahawy and Jonas Hassem Khemiri from Sweden.
[Click here] to watch the programme.

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